Construction Site Services

Comprehensive Project Inspection

Omnipro Services provides trained, educated, and licensed inspectors to perform construction inspection. We are intimately familiar with Ohio standards for construction. We stress the word inspection in the services that we provide. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not believe in performing construction observation or monitoring. Inspection is a proactive role in construction where observation and monitoring are retroactive. This is more than simply watching and noting what is done on the project. Omnipro Services makes ourselves part of the construction process, helping the contractor complete his work according to the specifications in a timely manner, making sure any deficiencies are identified early and corrected in a timely fashion.

Protective Coatings Inspection

Omnipro Services provides trained, certified, and licensed inspectors to perform coatings inspection on structural steel and other products on construction projects. We inspect the demolition/removal of old coating systems including lead paint removal, surface preparation in accordance with project specifications, and application of all layers of the coating system. Our team currently has experience providing coating inspection throughout Ohio. We provide NACE certified inspectors that have the experience and education to make your project a success.

Shop Inspection

We provide shop inspection services on a wide variety of products that are fabricated at off-site manufacturers/suppliers to the construction projects in the Eastern United States and Canada. Our advanced technology information systems permit our staff to transmit detailed audit results to the client in real time.

Material Management

Construction material documentation, tracking, and on-site testing (if needed) are key components to a material management system. Our personnel can interpret testing results and make recommendations to our clients as to the acceptance of the in-place materials. Should QA/QC problems arise, we are ready to provide recommendations based on a technical review of the issue and based on our past experience. We can provide these technical services quickly and efficiently to ensure project progress is maintained.

Stakeholder Coordination

For a project that has an impact on the public due to its funding, location, or project type, effective communication of potential impacts to these stakeholders is essential in maintaining a cooperative atmosphere among team members. Personal contact by our construction management personnel and quick reaction to the concerns of all team members is the foundation to maintaining our leadership position. Participation in community meetings and public forums is an excellent method for informing the community of current and upcoming construction activities that may impact them.

Profile Data Analysis

Our resources are recognized as “cutting edge” in the world of post processing and analysis of longitudinal profiles. Our lead profile expert, has been published by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), and is referenced in multiple countries. We are capable of analysis in a variety of formats including the California Profilograph, International Roughness Index (IRI), as well as Ride Number (RN). We can examine profiles for data collection flaws, equipment malfunction, reliability, and repeatability. Most importantly, we have methods of post processing the data through simulated correction techniques to see what technique would be most cost effective for remedying poor profile characteristics.

EEO/Prevailing Wage Monitoring/Compliance

Omnipro Services reviews all certified payrolls for compliance with Federal or State prevailing wage requirements on its projects. Routine interviews are performed on site to verify payroll information. These reviews and interviews are performed on a regular on-going basis throughout the duration of construction activities.