About Us

Omnipro Services LLC: History and Philosophy

Our company began with the acquisition of assets and history from Omni Pro which was founded 1993. These resources were then combined with select, highly trained and experienced construction professionals to create the new company, Omnipro Services, LLC. Our multi-faceted team now offers expertise in: transportation, aviation, education, industrial, commercial, residential, water/waste water, and building construction. Our associates have spent a considerable amount of their careers working for multinational corporations, gaining diverse experience across the globe. Initiating such a complex operation in one of the most challenging of economic times is a testament to the resilience, fortitude and can-do attitude of our people, the most essential traits of a construction team.

Our mission is to take our experience and bundle it in a package that is lean, efficient, and focused on the customer. We deliver the depth of large corporate experience without the inefficient cost centers prevalent in many bloated, complicated corporations. We deliver value.

The corporate headquarters for Omnipro Services, LLC is located in Canton, Ohio. Through our three offices in Ohio, we specialize in delivering complex projects that require diverse areas of expertise. We operate as a component business model (rather than the all-in-one approach of large corporations). Our teams are carefully selected, utilizing a variety of subcontractors and in-house personnel, to create custom solutions for each and every client we serve.