Pre-Construction Services


Estimating is said to be an art and a science, but it also relies heavily on the expertise and the experience of the estimator. Our staff are able to put together engineer’s estimates, as well as construction phase verification estimates based on our experience, in-house construction data, a large network of colleagues, as well as nationally indexed construction data.

Conceptual Scheduling

This level of scheduling is critical on highly complex projects that may have multiple phases, external project relationships, or shareholder milestones. Investigating the scheduling impacts during this phase can help not only in coordination, but also in the planning of sale dates for other projects or the planning of closures or detours around municipal events. Conceptual scheduling also has a budget impact. By accurately developing conceptual schedules, realistic contract durations can be advertised that may reduce acceleration, or alert the project team to factors that may require additional detailing in the construction plans.

Constructability Reviews

Omnipro is able to build the project in the virtual world to identify construction issues that will arise during the course of actual construction. This process involves the estimating and conceptual scheduling functions and is pivotal in the development of value engineering options. Omnipro views constructability as the culmination of a variety of disciplines to identify bidding, construction, and scheduling issues that could lead to potential claim for the project.

Comprehensive Site Planning

While any project can be built given unlimited resources, unmanaged constraints can create serious bottlenecks on your project. Careful planning must be incorporated into a project’s plans and specifications to allow for sufficient staging areas, equipment placement, deliveries, workers transportation, material handling, as well as relocation spaces. This service will help to ensure that continuous operations are able to be maintained at the current facilities and provide a smooth transition from one location to another.

Value Engineering

Omnipro Services provides analytical services for value engineering. It has been our experience that very few contractor submitted value engineering proposals actually are beneficial to the project when considering the global impacts and life cycle costs of the proposed change.

Bid Packaging

Contract preparation for bidding requires effective stakeholder communication so the intent of the plans can be efficiently conveyed to the contractor. The potential for missed scope between packages is a very serious problem. When combined with a constructability review, we can generate detailed and precise bidding documents for the ease of understanding of any contractor with minimal RFIs.

Bid Analysis

Omnipro Services utilizes a detailed empirical procedure during the evaluation of construction bids to systematically determine the lowest bid(s). Additionally we examine the lowest calculated bid for responsiveness as well as the responsibility of bidder(s). We specifically check each low bid to ensure that it is not front loaded, unbalanced, unrealistic, and/or otherwise a misrepresentation of the proposed work.