Asset and Maintenance Management

GIS/Database Setup

Omnipro Services will tailor a GIS database to the specific needs of the client. Our system can be used to collect and store data pertaining to signage, trees/vegetation, guardrail, signalization or any other asset within a given system. Our databases can then be configured with asset specific attributes to deliver specific information such as the installation date, condition rating, dimensions, and photographs. Our clients can then use this information to target maintenance or replacement of the assets most in need.

GIS Maintenance

Once the GIS database is established, the maintenance of the database is straightforward. Omnipro Services will provide reports based on the database attribute data. This allows our clients to make more informed decisions regarding the assets within their system. Additionally, if additional assets are desired, they can be added at any time to provide a phased approach to implementing a GIS system.

Asset/Maintenance/Condition Rating Survey

Once the requirements of the GIS system are established, Omnipro Services provides the Asset/Maintenance/Condition Rating Survey using experienced inspection personnel. Using hand-held GPS devices our inspectors are able to evaluate each asset and log its GPS coordinates, as well as the pre-defined attribute data for incorporation into the GIS database.

Program Plans / Maintenance / Budgeting

Combining our GIS system along with our proven Construction/Program Management structure, we provide comprehensive Maintenance Programs. Once we have establishing a GIS Database and have performed the Condition Rating/Maintenance Survey, Omnipro Services provides an additional level of service by providing the budgeting, procurement, contract management and inspection. This allows us to offer a “One-Stop-Shop” for the maintenance of assets such as guardrail, striping, crack sealing or any other assets that an may need maintained.