Contract Administration

Conduct Meetings

We conduct meetings efficiently and effectively. We provide detailed minutes to stimulate the communication process by providing proceedings and action items to keep all stakeholders on the same page. Most importantly, the minutes clearly identify the “ball in court” so everyone knows who has responsibility for the particular action item and therefore is controlling the speed of the process.

Change Management

We simultaneously analyze each and every change for cost, schedule, and time impacts to develop multiple heuristic solutions to present to our owners. While it is always important to consider the individual cost impact of change, sometimes the schedule impact will have a far greater end cost to the project by elevating construction costs across the board. Our heuristic solutions provide several lowest or near lowest costs options.

Dispute Resolution

It is a well-known fact that the cost of a particular claim has a direct relation to time. As time passes, an unresolved issue will become more expensive to resolve. Omnipro Services keeps all potential claim items in the forethoughts of our stakeholders during the progress of construction and push for quick resolution. We consistently provide our owners several options or avenues to resolve the issue with the least impact to the project schedule, budget, and quality.

Submittal Review

Our experience indicates that a well-coordinated review process can typically return submittals, either approved or rejected, to the contractor within a two-week timeframe. On projects that decide to incorporate our web-based controls, there are considerable time reductions in turning around submittals.

Documentation Control

Abundant, accurate documentation is your best defense against unforeseen issues that might appear during construction or after the completion of your project. Our documentation system utilizes a detailed file tracking system that clearly categorizes each piece of documentation on the project. Since all work is well documented on our projects, we can accurately verify all submitted work for payment.

Payment Requisitions

Verification of all contract quantities on each pay estimate is an essential competency of any Construction Manager. Accurate reporting of the current status is critical in the measurement of construction cost in relation to the original construction budget. Variances are highlighted and specifically reported upon and accompanied by an explanation of the method for either offsetting the variance or implementation of a plan to remedy a particular variance.

DBE and EDGE Monitoring

Omnipro Services is well versed in managing DBE and EDGE contract participant requirements. We perform regular audits, commercially useful function reviews, and accounting of funds that have been paid to subcontractors. We maintain a proactive role on each project, constantly looking ahead and anticipating shortfalls in the contractor’s execution of the plan. When shortfalls are anticipated, we work with the contractor to help him plan & solicit new DBE/Edge firms so their goals can be met if at all possible.